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CMDR's Client Population Divorce Trends of 2011

December 1, 2011

For over thirty years, the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution (CMDR) has been in the business of helping people reach agreements while preserving their ability to maintain future relationships.

 Each year, we look back at our client population to identify discernible changes and trends.

 In considering our separating, divorcing, and post-divorce clients at the end of Year 2011, we have observed the following trends:

·  An increased number of clients who continue to live together while mediating their divorce due to one party’s involuntary loss of employment

·  An increased number of clients who delay filing for divorce in order to retain access to employer-subsidized health insurance

·  An increased number of clients who take no-penalty withdrawals from retirement funds in order to pay down debt and/or to finance living expenses at a time of unemployment

·  An increased number of clients entering mediation after one spouse has moved out of state

·  An increased number of clients mediating post-nuptial agreements as well as pre-nuptial agreements

·  An increased number of clients who elect to have shared physical custody arrangements

·  An increased number of clients who have disabled children requiring long-term assistance

·  An increased number of clients who are experiencing difficulty in selling the marital home even after undertaking fix-ups and agreeing to price reductions

·  An increased number of clients who are refinancing their homes to take advantage of reduced interest rates

·  An increased number of clients who are divorcing after one or both partners has/have retired

·  An increased number of clients divorcing after long-term marriages, with grown children

·  An increased number of clients who have significant debt as a result of financing their children’s post-secondary educations

·  An increased number of clients who wish to remain business partners after divorce


Trends and changes evident in the divorcing or divorced population are indicative of the larger economic trends affecting Massachusetts in particular and the country as a whole.  Our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, the volatility of overseas markets, and political changes, the unpredictable stock market, low interest rates, and failure of government to reach consensus, just to mention a few indices, influence when and how people divorce.  Dips in the economy hit this population much harder since they are simultaneously financing two households and undergoing a host of other changes, both personal and economic.  Mediation offers a way to work together collaboratively and creatively, thereby providing innovative solutions to difficult problems.


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