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I need an agressive lawyer, not mediation, or do I?
I need an agressive lawyer, not mediation, or do I?

General Mediation

Many people think that court is the only answer. But mediation offers an alternative to achieve a "win-win" solution. In mediation, you will find a forum which provides a level playing field for discussing your concerns and objectives so you can begin to address the myriad of issues requiring resolution.

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Since 1982, the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution has been a leader in its field. Based in Wellesley, Massachusetts our clients come from Norfolk, Middlesex, Suffolk, Plymouth, Worcester, Essex and Bristol counties. Click here to learn more. We are proud of our success in resolving conflict through our mediation services. Each mediator is trained and experienced in helping you to consider all aspects pertaining to your dispute and to reach an agreement that is workable for all parties.

Our strength lies in empowering our clients, through education and involvement, an empowerment grounded in a concrete understanding of the issues to be resolved and the choices to be considered. Our agreements are widely praised by clients and professionals for their clarity and attention to detail, for creating a thorough and thoughtful roadmap to guide you now and in the future. We believe that mediation is often the best means of resolving disputes -- from those found in the inner circle of the family to those in the world of business.

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