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Voices of Successful Mediation:           Former Clients Offer Their Views

November, 2015                                                                                                   Written by CMDR Staff


Mediation is an efficient, and cost-effective process for helping parties reach agreement and resolve disputes. This non-adversarial approach takes conflicts outside the legal arena into a confidential and neutral setting. An environment purposely designed for airing concerns and identifying needs, the mediation process is conducive to problem solving versus conflict resolution, and thus provides an appealing alternative to litigation.


                At the Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution, our strength lies in empowering our clients, through education and involvement...   

Through  understanding their options, individuals  become grounded in a concrete grasp of the issues to be  resolved and the outcomes they would like to be considered.  As such, we let our former clients speak for themselves…



Divorce Mediation


“Going through mediation and divorce was one of the most difficult and emotional times of my life. I am thankful that my husband and I were adult enough to face one another and come to a mutual agreement. Through the process we each had to give and take which will enable us to continue to be able to come up with future negotiations later. As parents we will have to be in contact with one another for many years – they should be happy and good.”

(14-year marriage, one child)


"Thank you so much for all of your services and gift of fairness and supportive dialogue. Thank you for helping me let go more gently."


“Mediation is a wonderful way to put an end to your marriage in a civilized manner; and if you realize that with children you two will always be connected and can parent together – separately without an intense ‘hate.’ The two of you must sit there and face your children’s future care together.”

(13-year marriage, one child)


“We had a very complicated tangle of problems and a desire to be sure we all were provided for fairly. I recommend CMDR to anyone who wants to close a long-term marriage with dignity and fairness.”


 “When I finally came to grips that my marriage had ended, I thought long and hard about the safest way to get a divorce. I read about mediation and it seemed like a non-threatening way to proceed. I felt it was the most civilized way to dispose of a marriage. ”

(21-year marriage, one child)



On Financial Matters, Personal Growth, Problem Solving


“Mediation allowed me and my spouse to openly explore fair territory. Both of our needs and concerns were addressed so the outcome felt not like one of us had won, outwitted or overpowered the other, but like we had worked together toward a mutually acceptable solution.”

(17-year marriage, one child)


 “It was an empowering experience for me, especially establishing a budget and realizing that I could buy a place of my own.”



“I am grateful to mediation for giving me a new beginning. I have a new, old house which looks different from anything I ever had before. I have new friends, a new life, and I’m a new me. I did not want this divorce but the end result has a bright horizon.” (27-year marriage, two children)


“I felt safe – I was heard –
I understood the proceedings.”


“My husband and I are strong personalities and would have spent many hours and a fortune if we had used lawyers. The process of mediation allowed both sides to feel that their reasonings were ‘justified’ since they were validated by a third party.” (10-year marriage, two children)


“Mediation was a collaborative way to get at some difficult issues.”


“We are most grateful to you for creating an arena and an agenda within which we could learn to talk with each other about touchy issues. Rancor dissipated into practicality. We are continuing to work out issues with the style you taught us.”

(24-year marriage, two children)


“Mediation for me was essential to the most acceptable outcome under these difficult circumstances. Only you and your spouse know what is critical and what will work for you. Absent this approach I think you are far more likely to end up with a cookie cutter resolution that is the product of an adversarial legal system. This can only contribute to a potential for greater resentment and animosity. Divorce is rarely easy or without conflict, mediation offers the best option to reduce this.”

(16-year marriage, one child)



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